domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

The never-ending journey

The knight has trained
for years, night and day,
to accomplish this task
And kill the trask.

But fear he must not feel,
as thy princess guides him.
And now the howling wolves
are taking us to thee.

"Oh, Algalord! Master of deception.
Show me how to evade him
and bring his pre-conception.

Oh, Yldrassil! Lord of light and darkness.
Teach me how purity
will only make him harmless."

So the knight travelled once again
for his journey never ends.
Above the fire and under the rain,
on Mother Nature he never depends.

Brave as he only can be
riding across the lands of madness.
Deceit must be practised,
before facing the armless.

"Oh, fully damned valleys!
I shall defeat all thy perils
in this never-ending quest for allies.

Oh, God! Be my saviour.
So that dexterity invades me,
keeping revenge's flavour."

The journey has not yet ended
so he keeps on fighting on and on,
riding his horse through nameless paths,
against with what he may come across.