miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Never ending

Things between us ended not so well,
I try to understand you,
but you don't get me.
You say it's not enough,
but that's all I can give.
Money, money, money,
the worst shit that exists.

We quarrel about the same things,
almost every time we speak.
I have to buy this and that
and pay for your every bill.
I know I'm not perfect.
I'm just trying to give my best,
since that's what our girl deserves.

You prevented me from seeing our child
or delayed it more than once.
She's feeling bad, she's feeling sick
but somehow, you don't want me
to help you now that I can.

Please stop fighting, it makes no good.
Razor words coming out of you.
Never ending story, never ending fight.
Not even a million dollars will ever satisfy you.